Afghan Refugees Conference- Pakistan supports peace in Afghanistan


UN Secretary-General António Guterres is on a three-day visit to Pakistan. Addressing the Afghan Refugees Conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that 

“Pakistan’s outstanding generosity and solidarity extend to decades.”

Pakistan has opened its doors to Afghan refugees but international support for Pakistan’s service is not sufficient. The international community should come forward. He tweeted that 



Earlier, the UN High Commissioner said Pakistan has been hosting millions of refugees for over 40 years.

“The Afghan problem could only be resolved peacefully. The civil war in Afghanistan was not yet over.”

Pakistan and Iran support 90% of the region’s refugees. Pakistan will continue to play its role in the return of Afghan refugees and the UN will keep praising the efforts of Pakistan.

Prime Minister has said that it not about bank balance but about what Pakistan can do for peace in Afghanistan. The government of Pakistan and security forces are on one page for bringing peace. He further said,

“There is no safe haven for terrorists in the country.”

Addressing the World Conference on Afghan Refugees based in Pakistan for 40 years, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistani people face Economic difficulties in the last 20 years but they still support Afghan refugees. 

It is a very difficult decision for a man to leave his home. Afghan children watch the Pakistani team playing cricket. Afghan refugee children learn to play cricket in Pakistan, Afghanistan’s cricket team has joined the world rankings today.

PM says Islam linked with terrorism after 9/11. For the sake of votes, Political leaders divide people. But now Pakistan is doing everything for peace in Afghanistan.

Addressing the Afghan Refugees Conference, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood said Pakistan provided shelter to 5 million refugees according to Islamic values. Pakistan always stands with Afghanistan and does not let it fight alone.

Peace problems are inevitable in Afghanistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan are based on a shared religion and culture.

“We want to work with the global community on the road map of migrants’ return.”



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