Which Tourism Spots are Open and Affordable in Pakistan Right Now


Now Reading: Which Tourism Spots Are Open And Affordable In Pakistan Right Now 

There is no doubt that after being cooped up in their homes all this time due to the pandemic, everyone is dying to get out in the world again. No better way to do that than to do some touring and surrounding yourself with the vibrant and breathtaking scenery that Pakistan has to offer. Well, if you are someone who is looking forward to do so and want to know what tourism spots are open and affordable in the country right now, you came to the right place!

Here are some of the best available tourist spots you can take your families out to, even if its on a budget:

1. Fairy Meadows (Chilas)


With fascinating waterfalls, natural springs, and stunning views of multifaceted mountains, the first in the list comes the place that prompted the early explorers to call it a fairy land. Located at the core of the tourism magnificence that is north Pakistan, this spot falls in the district Diamer of Gilgit Baltistan. Named the Fairy Meadows by German climbers, you won’t come across many places in the world that would match this tourist spot in its natural beauty, grandeur and serenity!

One main attraction of this Fairy land, of course other than the meadows itself, is the view of the Nanga Parbat Mountain. Tourists usually hike to the base camp of the mountain from these meadows. The Fairy Meadows’ richly green plateau is also one of the best places for camping in Pakistan. An outing to this spot of bewitching beauty is surely one you are going to remember a long time. Also, depending on the season you go in, the meadows are either going to be filled with other tourists or almost none at all.

As for the availability and cost of the trip, the six-month tourist season at Fairy Meadows starts in April and continues until the end of September so now is as good a time as any to go. After you reach the Meadows, a hotel room with five to six mattresses costs 1500 to 3000 per night. Though according to general consensus, camping in such a beautiful spot would be better. You would have to pay around 400-500 rupees per night to use the hotel premises to set up your own camp. However, this will entitle you to hotel facilities such as toilets, a warm shower (early mornings only), kitchen, bonfire etc So what are you waiting for? Pack up your camp and go!

2. Chitral Kalash Valleys


The Chitral Kalash Valleys fall on the north side of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the Chitral District. The Hindu Kush mountain range surrounds the valleys. The main three remote Chitral valleys are home to the animist Kalash people.  The largest and most dense in terms of population is the valley – Bumburet. This valley is reached by a road from Ayun in the Kunar Valley. The second valley is Rumbur – a side valley located north of Bumburet. The third valley is called Biriu, which is a side valley of the Kunar Valley, located south of the Bumburet valley.

The landscape of the Chitral Valleys is very mysterious. With its lush green valleys, gigantic glaciers, steep harsh mountains and beautiful meadows, it is located at such a place where you can view the immense Tirich Mir peak no matter where you are staying in the valley. Relaxing in the beautiful gardens of the valleys while listening to the gushing sound of the rivers is definitely going to calm anyone down!

The area’s residents are slowly reducing but the tourism value is increasing. Visiting Chitral and staying at hotels is extremely affordable and cost effective. You can simply travel in a coaster to the valleys and stay in the hotels which are mostly open from March to October, but outside these months, exceptions CAN be made. In fact, going off season can sometimes be even MORE cheaper.

3. Mahodand Lake


Third in our list is the Mahodand Lake aka “The Lake Of Fishes”. It is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley, about 35 kilometers from Kalam in Swat District of KP. The banks of the Mahodand lake are surrounded by pines and pastures, serving as a popular camping site in summers. The lake itself lies at the foothills of the Hindu Kash mountain range, surrounding by lush greenery and gorgeous meadows. The lake is fed by melting glaciers and springs of the Hindu Kush mountains.

Mahodand lake is easily accessible by just a simple four-wheel drive vehicle, and can be utilized for fishing and boating. The view of the lake is a sight that you will never forget your entire life!

4. Utror Valley


The last one on our must-try list for tourism spots is the gorgeous Utror Valley. The Utror Valley beyond Kalam is among the most beautiful valleys of Swat district. Utror Valley makes you fall in love with Pakistan as its enriched with thick forests, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, and meadows. These are accessible via a Jeep and are truly the embodiment of the country’s natural gifts. The altitude of the Utror Valley is 2,300 meters and can reach to 2,900 meters at the Kundol Lake.

The valley’s coldest months are December, January and February during which snow falls quite frequently. The valleys remain under snow cover for about four months. June, July and August are comparatively the hotter months of the year while during September and October, the climate is very pleasant. A couple weeks worth of wait and the climate would be perfect for a visit!

Pick any tourism spot from the list and you surely can’t go wrong. Though, everyone going to the Northern Areas:

Please take extra good care of nature and make sure to not litter. Do not harm the ecology!


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