Adnan Jaffar makes his Hollywood debut


We are not surprised that Adnan Jaffar makes it to Hollywood with his incredible acting.

Adnan Jaffar, a veteran actor of Pakistan’s Showbiz now makes his debut in a Hollywood series “Homeland”, a spy-thriller American series. 


Jaffar played as the role of Pakistani General named Aziz, who had an intense discussion with an army person Bunny Latif. In the discussion, Jaffar apparently knocks out the retired army officer Bunny (Art Malik).



Jaffar makes his appearance in the eighth season of a well-known show Homeland, Specifically in its ninth episode (In Full Flight). The episode aired on the 5th of April on Showtime.

In an interview, Jaffar brief about his role by saying

“My appearance was only a cameo in episode 9 that aired on 5th April on Showtime. So, there won’t be any reappearance”.



He also states his journey to Hollywood. “The casting people did their own independent search which apparently led them to me. Possibly through Google or my Netflix presence. Besides, I’ve played quite of officer role in local production. It seems that people think those roles fit my personality. Later, I was sent an audition script that I recorded and sent in a video. I kept zero expectations because this is such a high-level series. Basically, the Casting people were looking for an English-speaking actor with a South Eastern face and I met their expectations. This may be the possibilities because I never asked them the details of how they finalized me,” Adnan said.


The Homeland show initially being a subject of controversy for portraying negative and anti-Muslims reviews. Especially about the middle east especially Pakistan. By making Adnan appeared as Pakistani General Shows they had finally learned a good thing about Muslims.


Adnan Jaffar has a quite impressive journey. From a news channel anchor to the classic films like ‘Manto’ and social awareness dramas like ‘Ruuswai’ and now Hollywood thriller ‘Homeland’.


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