Abducted girl Dua Mangi returns home safely, sources say


One week after being kidnapped in Karachi, Dua Mangi, a 20-year-old law student, returned home on Saturday, which was confirmed by a statement issued by DIG Sharjeel Kharal’s office.

According to the statement, further investigation in the case is still ongoing and further information will be provided by the police soon.

Jibran Nasir, social activist and lawyer, also Tweeted to welcome the return of Dua Mangi and also told that the kidnappers were still at large.

“#DuaMangi has returned home safely Alhumdulillah. The kidnappers are still at large. Two kidnappings in DHA in 6 months both times kidnappers weren’t caught. The hunt for them must continue otherwise God forbid one of our family members could be the next victims.”, he said.

Earlier on November 30, Dua was reportedly kidnapped by five armed men from Bukhari Commercial in DHA Karachi. Her friend, Haris Fatah, who was with her was shot and left wounded when he tried to save her.

DIG Sharjeel Kharal said on Thursday, “It appears to be a case of kidnapping for ransom.” He told that they have investigated further in the case through which they came to know that Dua was kidnapped for ransom. However, the family of Dua denied the rumours of receiving a ransom call and put the blame on Sindh Police and the provincial government that they failed to recover the kidnapped girl. They also said that the rumours of ransom are being spread to cover up the failure of the authorities and to divert the attention of people from the protests that are demanding the recovery of Dua. DIG Kharal is leading several police teams that are investigating the case.

Police also told on Tuesday that they suspected a criminal gang was behind the kidnapping of Dua Mangi.

Police officials also told that the men who abducted Dua had used a car that was reportedly stolen from the PECHS area of Karachi. Sources from the police investigation team told that the car seen in the CCTV footage was exactly the same as the one used to kidnap Dua.

The family of Dua Mangi has refused to comment on the matter.

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