A teenage boy shot himself dead while making a TikTok video

A teenage boy shot himself dead while making a TikTok video


Karachi: The TikTok app which is famous for its hilarious content and trends also has a dark side. In a disturbing incident in Sikandarabad, a 17-years old boy accidentally shot himself dead while making a video for the TikTok.

On Sunday, The teenage boy Tanveer was making a TikTok video in his room and accidentally he shot himself.

Sources have affirmed that the gun belongs to his father and was licensed. The family of the deceased was recently shifted to Karachi from Punjab.

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According to the police

“The pistol Tanveer was using had bullets in his chamber and the boy had no idea about it”

According to the statement of boy’s uncle “Tanveer went to his room for changing clothes and after half an hour his younger brother came back running to told his parents about the incident” Further he said, “Tanveer was unconscious at that time but he succumbed to his shot wound and died soon.”

The police stated that “The Teenager’s body was shifted to a nearby hospital for medico-legal formalities.”

Other dreadful incidents

This is not the first case that came to the surface. There are hundreds of TikTok users who lost their lives to follow the trends. Some of them committed suicides after getting banned from TikTok.

Recently, In April, a young boy died while making a TikTok video. 22 years old Kashif was hit by the train when he was making a challenge video. He was running on the railway tracks and filming his so-called bravery. He got severe head injuries and died later on. This incident was taken place at the Jumma Goth railway station in Bhens Colony

Another incident takes place last year when another teenage boy was accidentally shot dead while making a trendy video on TikTok. 16 years old Ammar Haider with two of his friends was recording a video. Meanwhile, he accidentally pressed the trigger and got a shot in his stomach. Even though his parents deny this fact and claimed that one of his friends murdered him.

Is TikTok worth a Life?

Numerous incidents have taken place in which many of the users take their own lives for the world to see. TikTok addiction is now leading to disturbing and horrible incidents. After the Pandemic hits the world, the TikTok app has witnessed sudden increase in its users. The need of the hour is to put restrictions on the criteria of the Video making.

The world is already going through difficult times and events like this are making it worse and this world is gradually turning into hell.


What are your thoughts about this?

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