A raid by NAB at Sharif Family company office


In a money laundering case, NAB Lahore raided offices of Sharif family and seized important records including computers, laptops.

According to sources, NAB raid on Salman Shahbaz and Mohammed Usman’s office. The raid led by Assistant director Hamid Javed. Important documents from the office of the Chief Financial Officer of Sahreef Group of Industries are occupied.

Spokeswoman Muslim League (N), Maryam Aurangzeb confirms raids at NAB’s Sharif family-owned companies’ offices. NAB officials raided offices at 55K and 91F in Model Town, she said.

“The raids were reported around 12:30 pm. The raid is an attempt to divert attention from the Khusro Bakhtiar mills.”

Rana Sanaullah condemns raids at Sharif’s family offices. He said

“The consequence of what is happening, not good for the country and democracy will only increase bitterness with retaliation.”

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, former law minister Rana Sanaullah said that “Marium has all the rights to stay with his father in his illness. Maryam Nawaz should be allowed to go to Nawaz Sharif. The government should remove Maryam Nawaz from ECL.”

According to sources, the blood flow of Nawaz Sharif’s heart is not properly circulating. Medical experts are saying that if he will not be treated timely then his life will be at risk.

He added,

“PTI government used to call Sharif Family ‘Choor Daku’ but in actual they are the one who deserves such words for themselves.”

Sanaullah further said, “200 billion people have been robbed in their pockets from inflation and the government has given a very disgusting relief package.”

They looted billions from people and filled their own pockets. After looting up to 200 billion, a relief package of 5 billion was given which is clearly a joke to the public.

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