A Pakistani girl reveals the reason for her rejection from a Rishta – Many other girls show up with their own stories


The ‘Toxic Rishta Culture’ is destroying our society plus the self-esteem of many wonderful women who have outsmarted their ‘matches’ in many ways. Matchmaking has become more of a ‘Business Deal’ now and one with no morals.

A Twitterati that goes by the handle @OhMyMascara shared her Rishta experience which left many shocked. However, for others, it was something as normal as day-to-day things.

She tweeted about her not so wonderful experience and the girls all over the Social media started sharing their unexpected reasons for rejections.

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It is upsettingly common in our culture to reject girls on the basis of their looks, height, weight, eye-sight, education, profession, disabilities, personalities, hobbies, cast, financial status and many more.

Rejected Women and their Stories

When you are Akloti and Ladli but not marriage material.

“Yeh Bachi Hamain Samajh nahi i” Wait What? 

If you can’t quit your job you are not perfect for our son

I never understand why people forced women to quit their jobs for marriage. If you want a non-working woman for your son then go for it but definitely making her quit her job is not logical.

Oh, we want a doctor Bahu

That is to say, when they got a doctor larki, their demands begin to mount.

Also, why does everyone think that if a girl is an engineer, she cannot be a good wife?

What if my son looks like a potato? He deserved a wife who looks like a Model from Lux Bridal Couture Week.

She is too Modern for us/she is too Islamic for us

Whereas some are lurking for Parhi Likhi Bahu so she can work and help their son financially. On the contrary, many are afraid of the educated girls and reason is quite upsetting.


Hence, some brave women with weird reasons

Another side of the coin

Likewise girls, boys also face such rejection and reasons are quite shocking as well. In the replies of these tweets from rejected women, many rejected men shared their rejection reasons as well. 

Larka to Ganja hai+ Where is Financial stability?

Its a business, not a marriage

Refused to leave his country

This goes both ways but it is obvious that the women’s face for rejection is heart-wrenching. It is my humble request to all women, don’t let such remarks fade your shine.

Your ideas are your partner and you are in charge of them – hire or fire them whenever you want.

Share your experience in the comment section!

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