A man from Gujranwala sold his wife for Rs 300,000 a day after his wedding

A man from Gujranwala sold his wife for Rs 300,000, a day after his wedding


Humanity is dying every day. There are weird and strange things happening in the world that include pandemic, murders, robberies, rapes, and brutal killings in Kashmir. But the news that has come out today is heartbreaking.

Recently a man from Gujranwala sells his wife right after the day of his marriage. This disgusting man, Usman had given an offer of 300,000 Rs in exchange for his wife with whom he agreed.

A man from Gujranwala sold his wife for Rs 300,000 a day after his wedding

What did the Police report say?

According to the police reports, the accused man Usman deliberately took his wife to Lahore and sold her to the buyers there.

The young bride who was unaware of all this follows the lead of her husband and ends up being sold. However, the strong girl successfully escaped from the terrible buyers. After the continuous torture of 15 days, she found a way out and reached her home in Gujranwala.

Besides, the police DSP is saying that the girl requested to undergo a post-medical check-up. Indeed. Police promise to do everything possible to bring accused Usman to justice.

Islam and Marriage

In Islam Allah Almighty regarded men as the guardian of their wives.

“Men and women are the two main pillars of a family, but because men have special characteristics in the order of creation, and because the power of their logic is stronger than women, they are considered as the guardians.”

Moreover, the Qur’an urges men to treat women with gentleness and respect, even in times of disagreement.

“And live with them in kindness. For if you dislike them – perhaps you dislike a thing and Allah makes therein much good.” Quran 4:19

It is noteworthy that in Islam, the husband will be responsible for the women’s affairs and he is responsible for the women in his care.

“Men are the protectors and maintainers of women…” [Sûrah an-Nisâ’: 34]

Why always women have to face such cruelty?

Nowadays, there is a lot of news that women were killed in the name of dowry, honor killings, etc. Apart from this, rape cases, acid attacks, human trafficking is common. These heinous incidents hallowed out the foundations of the nation. 

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