9th Generation Suzuki Alto Set to Debut in December 2020


Now Reading: 9th Generation Suzuki Alto Set to Debut in December 2020

The Japanese automaker – Suzuki – has reportedly started working on its next-gen Alto and is all set to debut it globally by the end of year 2020. As per said reports, aside from debuting the 9th Generation Alto, Suzuki is also planning to unveil its next-gen Vitara SUV later on in the next two years along with next-gen WagonR. All these next-gen cars are expected to come with several design enhancements along with a range of various new features.

Ninth-Gen Alto 


Suzuki Alto’s current 8th generation model was introduced way back in December 2014 and as such, is already 6 years old in its country of origin i.e. Japan. Sources claim that the 9th Generation Suzuki Alto will be based on a lightweight platform. Being the framework for all Suzuki car models, taking a lightweight approach for the next-gen alto eliminates any extensive waste. However, the transmission options will remain the same.

The 8th gen alto model came with a 660cc R60A 3-cylinder engine, dishing out up to 39 horsepower and 53 newton/meters of torque. An upgrade will be made on this side of things as the 9th gen alto will be equipped with a new R06D type engine. This engine will be a 660cc 3-cylinder engine as well, the different being that it will manage to dish out a whopping 48 horsepower and 69 newton/meters of torque.

Next-Gen “Alto Works”


Expected to debut in October of next year, a sportier model of the next-gen alto is also reportedly being worked on by Suzuki. Titled the “Alto Works”, this model will be equipped with a turbo variant of the new new R06D type engine. This reworked engine will sport a larger bore and longer stroke along with improved torque characteristics in the middle speed range, consequently improving fuel efficiency. This model will also be equipped with a sporty interior and exterior.

New Wagon R


The current sixth-generation Wagon R appeared in February 2017 in its home country and in December last year, it underwent a minor change to change the NA engine to the latest R06D type. Reportedly, the next model will debut in December 2021 in Japan, one year after the Alto model change. Compared to current Wagon R, the new one is expected to be bigger in size, and will be offered as both, 5 seater and 7 seater. Arrival in Pakistan is yet to be known.

Next-gen Suzuki Vitara


Aside from the local models, Suzuki also plans to launch its Fifth-gen Vitara in January 2021 in its domestic market. One of its key updates over the 4th-gen model launched in 2015 will be a new hybrid powertrain. It will comprise of a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine and a 48V mild-hybrid system. Suzuki could also provide the option of a 1.0-litre turbo petrol unit with next-gen Vitara (Escudo in Japan). It is unknown whether this model will be arriving in Pakistan, same as the Wagon R one.

As for the Alto launches, no official word has been received from Pak Suzuki Motor Company thus far.


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