9 facts about babies you didn't know

9 Super Powers of every baby most of you don’t know about


Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking while doing things we don’t understand? Or what is your small baby capable of just after he is born? Babies are full of surprises, not from the day they born but they can even surprise you in your womb. Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about babies.

1. Babies can cry in an accent                             

Yes, Babies have to ability to cry in the accent which their mother have. How? Babies learn their mother’s native language in the womb. Especially in third trimester they are fully aware of their mother’s native language and develop their accent from that time. After birth, they cry in the same accent.

baby cry in accent

2. Babies can swim

Babies are born with swimming ability. Yes, it may seem surprising but before birth baby stays in mothers womb which is full of water. they swim in mother’s womb for straight nine months so if we train baby after his birth to swim then he will learn easily and soon to swim.

3. Babies can only see in Black and White

When babies born they have short eye-sight. they can only see black and white. they can only see 20cm to 30cm clearly. that’s why when we play with baby we go near to him. his vision gets blur after 30cm. if you want that baby can recognize your face then go near to his face. baby can only remind his mommy’s face for the first few days.


4. Babies know the sounds

In the womb they can listen, if he used to listen to certain noises daily so they can remember them after their birth e.g vacuum cleaner, fan, television, washing machine and hairdryer etc. there are even apps for babies which have certain sounds which soothe the baby to sleep. babies can remember the music they used to listen to. even after birth they have some songs, rhymes and music which calm them instantly. but Mommy’s voice always stands the best sound ever.

baby sounds

5. The Baby starts smiling and crying in the Womb

Babies can smile in the womb and even can cry. After birth, they know how to smile. A baby can smile 300 times a day but it varies according to the mood of the baby. Babies can even smile while sleeping. as we used to hear that babies smile in their sleep because they see faieries or angles in their dreams, but no its a myth. Babies don’t have dreams for the first few years.

baby laugh and cry

6. Babies can’t taste salt 

Baby has 10,000 taste buds which will decrease with time. Due to this doctors suggest moms eat a variety of food in the third trimester. Bay even though has 10,000 taste buds but they can’t taste salt. Their taste buds for salty things develops gradually.

baby tasting

7. Baby needs practice to breastfeed

From the time of their birth babies don’t know how to feed from the breast. they need some practice. that’s why doctors recommend doing breastfeeding as soon as after the birth of the baby. firstly baby gets skin to skin touch from mother. Mother warmth gives a soothing effect to baby and he feels safe while breastfeeding because of mothers skin to skin touch. baby don’t know how to latch so its very important for mothers to give him breast milk as soon as possible. Breast milk is full of nutritions and makes baby immunity system strong.

woman breast feeding


8. Babies get Equal looks from Mom and Dad 

Research proves that babies get their looks from both mommy and daddy. It is 50% Dad and 50 % Mommy which helps a lot to end the ultimate debate between parents ‘BABY IS ON ME’. Thanks to the researcher, maybe he was also fed up with these arguments over and over again.


baby confused eyebrow fleek

9. Colic Issue

Colic issue/ infantile colic means crying for 2 or 3 hours mostly in the evening. All babies have colic issues from their birth. Some babies suffer more and some less. mostly they used to cry when its time for Daddy to come home and they cry till midnight or till 3 am. It depends on the baby. There is no such medical treatment fro this because this colic is due to the growth of baby’s intestine which in return cause gestational issue and irritate the baby.

baby crying


Hope these were surprsing. Tell us about the weird things your baby does and we can surely look out for the science behind it .

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