9 benefits of work from home amid Coronavirus outbreak


Where there are losses due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there are also some perks for the people who are now doing work from home.

Let’s check out the perks we are enjoying while working from home amid the Coronavirus outbreak.


1. Goodbye to 6 am alarm

We all hate to go to work and somehow the 6 am alarms are one of the biggest leading causes. By working from home you get an edge of waking up at 8:59 am and open your laptop at 9 am and yes within a minute you are in office. Furthermore, you can have breakfast and lunch in front of your laptop.


2. No internet wala ‘Choona’

When you are working from home and your superiors call a meeting. How would you avoid it? Yes, the ultimate solution is “Sir Internet ni chal raha mera”. I guarantee you this always works.


3. Wear whatever you want

The best part of work from home is you can wear whatever you want. You do not need to wear formal dress, shoes and for ladies count makeup and other accessories in. you can work in your PJs on and also no need to take shower daily.


4. Lots of short breaks

One of the most delicious benefits of work from home is you can take lots of short breaks plus whenever you want. You are feeling hungry, get up from your bed take a walk to the fridge. Even your Ami will provide you an unlimited supply of delicious snacks and meals. Yahooooo!


5. No more annoying colleagues

There is no office in the world where Annoying Colleagues do not exist. It may be a bunch of girls who spend the day while gossiping, A bunch of boys who used to discuss every single girl and the one who is the Chugal Khor of the office. All this turns into an unbreathable environment. By working from home all you need to deal with is with your annoying family. Oops!


6. Save money

Do you spend all your salary on treats, parties, and hoteling? Then yes this pandemic brings you some of the best opportunities to save your money. Furthermore, due to no shopping and no traveling you can save a lot.


7. Ami won’t let you go out

“La de mera duappta mein khud le ati hun” It sounds familiar na? Yes, Brown’s moms are champion in pushing the button of their kids. Another advantage of a Coronavirus outbreak is Ami won’t let you go out even for Dahi. Enjoy these precious moments!


9 benefits of work from home amid Coronavirus outbreak

8. Take off from house chores

If you are working from home, your family will leave you in isolation and makes sure that not even a single sound disturbs you. Brown families are cute in this manner but you can take advantage of their naiveness by extending your work hours so you can take off from house chores. By extending means watch a Movie or use social media because no one would know what you are actually doing.


9. Get rid of boring cubicle

Are you tired of your boring cubicle in which you have to sit from 9-5 am? Right we all are. When you are working from home, you can sit whenever you want. On your bed, balcony, couch, lounge and you can even enjoy your tea in the evening with your family on your lawn.

As we all know, every coin has two sides. Although this work from home thing is the need of the hour, it doesn’t suit all of us. Many employees feel less motivated and frustrated.


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