Kaky 8 year old rapper from karachi

8 Year old Rapper Waqas Baloch Aka Kaky from Layari is ‘killing it’ in his first song


Pakistan has got no dearth of talent but this 8-year-old boy named Waqas Baloch has shocked people with this mad rapping skills. Waqas says he started rapping at the age of 5 and goes by the rap-name Kaky in this first mind-blowing rap song along with famous rappers of the area.

Rap culture started populating among the youth less than a decade ago, but now has many active followers and performers that are being given a chance by production companies and media houses to exhibit their talent. The song Thousand is produced dark street and is directed by QBalcoh featuring Thou$and, Kap109 Paul, Asif Balli. JH. Dixon D and Kaky.

The little rapper is so energetic and using Balochi in his rap has made the song more special and inclusive. The best thing about the song is that it kills the negativity spreading about Sindh and show how people from different cultures are contributing to the vibrancy and diversity of Pakistan. Kaky has sent out a message for haters ‘Yeh hai Karachi, Yeh sab ko btana hai’.

The video has spread a hype over social media and is attracting cross border fans too. It is absolutely crucial to identify, highlight and recognise talent from all across Pakistan and send out a message of unity to the outer world.

Lyari has not just proven itself to be the hub of rap and other talents but has previously given Pakistan with exceptional bands like Lyari Underground, Sami Amiri and the famous girl rapper Eva Baloch.

Kaky 8 year old rapper from karachi

Getting a big break and fame on his first song sure has motivated Kaky to work hard for the next one and we are expecting great stuff from him in future. Also, we would like to thank Kaky for being a motivation for other young boys who want to pursue their dreams.

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