8 Types of Girls you will find at every Pakistani wedding


Pakistani wedding season is on and your mum takes you to every single function because she is too lazy to cook. For girls going to Shaadi means clothes, jewelry, makeup, shoes, and photos but for boys, it’s just FOOD and ‘Baachiyan’.  Today we are here with types of ‘Baachiyan’ I mean girls you found at every Desi wedding.


1.The Selfie Queen


These girls are usually found in bathrooms and near every single decor. You can say they are modern versions of ‘Jadu’ because all they need is a light. Usually a group of two or three girls roaming around everywhere to get the right clicks. Not only clicks they make boomerangs, TikTok videos, and static pictures and a lot more. Their main purpose is to take lots of photos. Pakistani moms are never proud of such daughters.


2. The choreographer


That one girl who loves Bollywood fulfilled the responsibility of being a choreographer. This girl got the moves and tryna shift her talent to her naive, bulky and lazy cousins within a month. Only this girl seems hyperactive at Mehndi’s function that she even doesn’t care for food till all the dances done well.


3. Miss Management


The most responsible girl of the house gets a chance to be a Miss management. Usually, she is the most punctual, obedient and elder sister of groom/bride. She has to manage everything single thing on all the functions. Friendship with this girl would be beneficial if you are a foodie. You can ask her for ‘Gajjar ka halwa’ and Russian salad’ again and again.


4. Baji bargaining


Every Pakistani Khandan has such a girl who can buy 100 Rs purse in just 200 Rs. This girl got real bargaining skills. We need her at the function of Barratt where ‘Dulhan ki behnain’ wants more and more money from her ‘jiju’. This girl shows her magical bargaining powers at ‘joota chupai’, ‘dudh pilai’ and ‘seat bithai’. These girls are pro and my personal favorites.


5. Bhooli si surat


The main purpose of Pakistani aunties at every Shaadi is to find a perfect ‘bahu’ for her ‘nikami olad’. There must be a girl who comes to Shaadi with no makeup look but looks great anyway. She used to sit with their elders all the time and at the time of “Khanna Khul Gea” she makes sure that she serves every aunty on her table. A perfect Shaadi material….. No doubt



6. Bak Bak Chatterbox


You are sitting on the back tables and suddenly you hear some girls constantly talking are the real ‘bak bak queens’. There is a group of friends who just came to Shaddi for gossips. They just talk and talk. It looks cute but somehow annoying especially when you are busy eating and someone behind you keeps talking. Hello lady! I am just here for food let me eat in peace.



7. The ‘Kharoos’


These are the girls who are taken to Shaadi forcefully by her mom and she hates everyone. They just keep using their phones. Don’t even get up for food. Don’t talk to anyone and sit there with a clear annoying look on her face.



8. Foodies


There is a group of cousins who went to Shaadi just for food. They go to Shaadi functions with full planning. First of all one of the girls gets up to check the menu then they divide it saying “who brings what?” And when the time came they attack and grab every possible thing they can grab to eat. They don’t even care about their makeup, dress, looks but Food. Yes I am the foodie and Foodie is me



These are the types of girls you’ll find at every Pakistani wedding but the list doesn’t end here. In the end, you can only do so much and hope for the best.

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