8 things Karachittes are confused about this winter


Winters in Karachi are like the Mamo who came from the USA to Pakistan and brings gifts for everyone. Everyone loves the vibes of Mamu and the treats by him, but his stay is always very short.

Here are the top 8 things Karachittes are really confused about when it comes to winter season.

1. When will we have winters? Real ones!

Firstly, is winter a real thing? Well, Karachittes have no idea. Karachi is famous for its quick winters and thus has a very short period to enjoy the blessings of winter. Even in November, they have to cope up with warm weather. They desperately wait for winters and get excited about having a little of the weather that stays long in other parts of the country.

2. When will I get a chance to wear my winter clothes?


Winter grants us with the blessings of furry socks, funky sweaters, hoodies, scarves and most of all leather jackets and shawls. Unfortunately, Karachittes don’t get enough time to wear all of their winter clothes and are always thinking whether to even bother taking out their winter clothes at all?

3. Where is my moisturizer?

Due to the climate of Karachi, dryness consumes the face. Especially high maintained girls rush to all makeup sales just to get the best moisturizing foundation for themselves. I know it’s hectic but who doesn’t wanna pull off the mini winters look.


4. Why are people in Punjab wearing jackets?

Karachittes always wonder about why Punjabis wear socks, mufflers, jackets, caps in November. It’s surprising for them because it seems so weird that you are sitting in a room with AC on and your friend from Rawalpindi just posted a picture wearing clothes like a Polar bear.

5. Isn’t it winter when I woke up?

Karachittes can only enjoy cold weather in the early morning and late at night. The remaining time of the day used to be hot. If you wear a jacket in the early morning then you have to take it off after 10 am.


6. Yummy winter food is on or not?

Winter is a beautiful season mainly due to the delicious food it brings for us. Karachittes, sadly, don’t fully live the season enough to enjoy the dry fruits, oranges, boil eggs soups, coffee, hot chocolate, and the most delicious Gajjar ka halwa.


7. Can I have my coffee now?

As we all know, Pakistani moms have their very own book of logic and they don’t let you have coffee in warm weather because it will cause pimples, acne and many many many more. For Karachittes getting the liberty to have coffee winter is a treat and they brag it with pride.\

8. Finally, can I go camping?

Last but not least, Karachi has very great weather in winter for camping and bonfire. The weather is moderate enough to go camping with friends and family at the beach or wherever you want.

Winter is amazing weather which brings family and friends close. This year, the weather has shown some of its true colors in Karachi and we want to know who is excited?

Karachi walooon, comment below to let us know your feelings.



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