7 types of Pakistani students in online classes


Students from all over the World are taking on

Weline classes amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Online classes can be fun for some and others don’t like to study while staying at home.

Today we are here with types of students you will get to meet in your online classes.

The sleepers

They type of people who have no stamina to sit for an hour for an online class. They mostly mute the mike so they can take a peaceful nap; surely they spend their night watching Netflix. Some are next-level players; they mute the mike and went for a round of their house and play PUBG.



The silent listener

This outcast usually sits silently in the class. He observes everything and everyone. Throughout the class, you only get to hear his voice for attendance. He seems to be quite odd and misanthropic. I must say these students are very smart when you get to know them.



The trouble makers

Everything is a joke to them. They interrupt the online classes often and make it really hard to concentrate on lectures. They are the most Shrarti ones but everyone loves them. They also make you laugh during an otherwise stressful time.



The Class CR

The anxious students worry about everything. He tryna make sure everybody presents for class. He has to manage all, the schedule, the timings, and the students either. He is surely the teachers’ fav and doesn’t leave any stone unturned to be that.


The Short-tempered

These types of students are Blessing in Disguise. As they are short-tempered, students take advantage of it and deliberately create a Phadda whilst online class so the teacher gets angry and ends the class right away.



The pretenders

Do you wanna know about what kind of people wins Oscar Awards? Yes, every class has such a student who is so good at acting that you might end up admiring his skills. he just sits there and pretends that they understood each and everything but they are clueless students have no idea what they’re doing over here.



The ones with annoying family

Almost 99.9% of Desi families don’t actually understand the logic of online classes. They keep bugging their kids while taking an online class. If you are a boy then your parents will keep calling you for “Dahi le ao” and if you are a girl then house chores must be your priority.

Pro Tip: Do whatever your parents ask you to do otherwise they will shower infinite ‘Tannay’ on you.



Slow internet Walay

There is no such proof till now that the internet is really slow or they are just making excuses to get rid of online classes. But if it’s true we must feel sad about them. How will they spend their time then?



Let us know what type of student are you?





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