7 Types of Girls every Pakistani WhatsApp group have


Your phone keeps buzzing. No, it’s not an alarm its WhatsApp notifications from your All Girls friend’s group.

We all have a WhatsApp group full of some real gems of your life and you wonder what would you do without them?

Your average girl gang group chat means you have a survival for life. From a pure introvert to an extreme Extrovert we bet there’s one of all of these girls in your group chat.

1. Clueless penguin

These are the most innocent ones. Somehow you can call them a type of introverts who prefer sleep than social media and when they get up from their 18 hours nap they check the group and keep asking questions about what had happened! Many of us annoyed by such penguins but they are innocent and cute so we keep them anyway.



2. The silent observer

The typical introverts who don’t like to socialize at all. They are in the group due to one of their extrovert friend add them. They read all messages; laugh at it, replied to everyone but only in their own mind. Yeah right we all have such a friend and after reading this her name pops up in your mind. Right?


3. The mini FBI

We all have a friend who can do better stalking than the FBI. Yes, here we are talking about one of the most demanding friends of the group who brings all the gossip. She literally knows all. If you wanna anything about anybody you can just ask her. This type of friend is a blessing from God because she keeps you updated about everything. You owe her very much.


4. The showoff Queen

Do you ever hear about the “It Girls” in school times? Yes, the Showoff Queens is actually the updated version of “It Girls”. These girls are certainly the richest among all and they like to flaunt each and everything about them. Whether it’s a Gucci bag, lawn suits from Maria B., Trip to Dubai desserts and a huge birthday bash. They are basically your ‘Chalta Phirta’ encyclopedia of fashion, brands and luxurious life. You need her when you wanna style uniquely.


5. Madni Behan

“Assalam-o-Alikum, Subha Bakhair”, this sounds familiar na? So, we all know the sender of this text without seeing her name because every group has a girl who is too religious and used to send Islamic messages in the group all day long. The only girl which makes you realize you are too Kafir for this Duniya.


6. Master Chef

You are on your job and exactly right before lunchtime, you got a picture of delicious food cooked by your Master Chef friend. This friend is somehow dangerous for you when you are on a strict diet. This girl got ZAIQA in her hand and you all can enjoy it by seeing, smelling and touching the pictures of food sent by her.


7. Obsessed with her kids and husband

From your friend’s group, some of them got married and blessed with babies. They used to send their couple pictures as well as their babies all the time. This is so damn cute until unless you are a hopeless single and your mother is in search of a good Rishta.



If you are blessed with such friends then I can bet your survival in this world is easy. If you wanna tell us more about your friends. Comment below!

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