7 things Pakistanis should know before complaining about the cold weather


The cold is starting to get a little out of hands and Pakistanis are complaining about it. Interestingly, the recent winter in Pakistan has broken a record of 52 years being the coldest in decades and thus making many pray for it to pass quick. However, before you start thinking you have enough of it, here are 7 reasons you should appreciate the cold. 

1. Low temperatures boost your brain

Winters help people think clearly. According to research “people perform tasks better when the room temperature is cooler than a warmer one”. Some other research shows that people are less inclined to tackle cognitive problems in the summer rather than winters because in summer glucose level often goes down which affects the mental processes. People with creative minds prefer to go out for a walk or having a coffee to get new big ideas for their work or whatever so they are working on.

2. Winter foods and beverages are awesome

Winter is full of delicious foods especially kinds of soups add more warmth in life. The dry fruits are best enjoyed in winter-time. You can have hearty kinds of pasta, savoury stews, and countless other culinary delights. we can not forget about the hot chocolates and coffee which make winter more fun for us.

3. Setting up a winter wardrobe is so much fun

Winter is a very beautiful time of year where your wardrobe is full of clothes like jackets, sweaters, hoodies, scarves, caps, gloves and most important socks. In winter you prefer to think about how cute and warm you look! Winter clothes are the best way to add some personality and fun to any outfit consider adding a furry pair of socks, a hoodie, and a vibrant scarf.


 4. You get to burn more calories

Winter might helps you burn more calories. In winter, your body works harder to maintain your core temp. Founder of Almeda Labs Stacy Tucker explains “Our bodies use a considerable amount of energy to keep us warm and humidify the air we breathe when we’re out in the cold”. There are two types of fat in a human body white fats and brown fats. In winters, brown fats seemed to set the fat into motion, and that simply being cold could cause significant calorie burn.  

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5. Lowers the risk of diseases

You might be more likely to catch a cold, but in winters you are safe from many other diseases. Especially it decreases the mosquito-borne diseases, including Zika, West Nile virus, dengue fever, and malaria because winter prevents the hibernation of mosquitoes.


6. Gift of better sleep

In winters you sleep better and fall asleep fast. Your body temperature needs to be drop-down for a night of better sleep and winter helps the body to maintain the perfect core temperature to fall asleep fast and sound. Due to long nights and short days you sleep more than your usual routines. If your bedroom temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees it will help in undisturbed sleep.

7. You are likely to be happier in winters

The winter season helps us in changing our mood. According to research that people face fewer mood swings in the winter season. There are two types of systems a sympathetic system and parasympathetic system. The sympathetic system is known as the fight response while the parasympathetic is known as a relax and renew system. Winter triggers our parasympathetic system which helps us to feel happy and relax.

Every season has its charms but winter brings us more fun to do indoor. I hope you guys find it relatable.

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