7 Best Pakistani TV ads of 2020 so far


Busy in watching your favorite serial and a train of ads starts. Yeah, I can get it. It’s the worst feeling when you are watching your favorite show which you never wanna stop but you end up watching 10 minutes ads. Ladies and Lads you have to deal with it whether you wish for it or not. But there are some ads out there that are worth watching.

Today we are here with the best Pakistani TV ads of 2020 so far.

1 Shaan Masala (Khushiyan chakh lo)


This company always captures the audience’s attention with its emotional ads. The latest ad shows the bonding of father and daughter and about understanding each other and supporting each other in house chores. I actually cried when the girl holds her father hand saying “Abu”.



2 Coke (Maza har lamhay ka)


As we all know coke ads are full of colors and people. The main theme always revolves around family, friends, gatherings, and fun. The latest ad is full of colors but also giving a strong message about today’s young generation that how they are cutting short their family times because they find it boring and prefer to stay with friends.



3 Shoop Noodles (Trust toh must hai)


Shoop noodles are new in the market but the theme of their ad is marvelous. Nowadays we know the generation gap is growing rapidly. This ad is all about understanding and trusting your kids and their needs because they are the generation of technology and they know how to do Smart work.



4 Vital Tea (Andar se tabdeeli lao)


Vital Tea always comes up with ads that hold a strong public message. Here they are again with such a beautiful ad. The ad is all about how can we make our Pakistan a better place and where the loops exist in our society. Personally, it’s my favorite one.



5 Lipton Yellow Label (Jago un k liye jo waqaiye eham hain)


Lipton is capturing public attention because the ad is showing the bitter reality of today’s modern life. Parents are always busy with their work and kids are desperately waiting for their attention. Now people value money more but Kids don’t need your money they need your attention, time and love.



6 Surf Excel (Daagh to achay hotay hain)


This ad is all about how a mother encouraging his son to play well without any fear of dirty clothes. This ad is a must-watch thing for those mothers who don’t let their kids play outdoor games because they will make clothes dirty. Ladies don’t stop your kid! Let them play; let them find out who they are really capable of.



7 Chilli Milli (Har Pakistani ki jaan mein mili)


Last but not least. I must say chili milli spends lots of money on their latest ad but it’s worth watching. In this ad, Fahad Mustafa can be seen in many costumes and his weird dance move. I think this ad is well enough for a good laughter. 



I hope you find these ads worth watching. If you have anything to say about it. Kindly comment below!


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