65 Year Old Bashir Was Killed In Front Of His Grandson In Kashmir

65 Year Old Bashir Was Killed In Front Of His Grandson In Kashmir


News Today: 65 Year Old Bashir Was Killed In Front Of His Grandson In Kashmir

Mother Earth cries today. India’s inhumanity can not get any more reckless than this. Indian military literally scarred a 3 year old boy for his entire life. A heart-wrenching act of murder was displayed by the Indian police in which 65 year old Bashir was killed in front of his grandson in Kashmir. The Indian media is now coloring their disgraceful to humanity act as an accident that occurred during a crossfire between the insurgents and the Indian police. This 3 year old might differ from what the bogus Indian media has to say because he was literally the only witness of the atrocity. Millions of hearts cry today as India once again does not fail to set a new bar for inhumanity.

Little Suhail Saw His Grandfather Die

Bashir Ahmed Khan’s family is emotionally shattered at the moment. They have stated that Indian media is absolutely lying and 3 year old Suhail has some other story to tell. According to Suhail, there was no so called encounter between the militants and the police. There was not even a brawl between two opponents. Khan’s daughter has said that his father was on his way to the bank when he was asked about his identity and religion. When proven to be a Muslim, he was dragged out his car in front of his 3 year old grandson and was shot in the chest two times.

Some pictures have been going viral in which an Indian soldier can be seen signalling the little boy. Indian media says that the policeman was trying to save the boy. The boy has something else to say. His grandfather was killed in front of him and when he tried to ran, the police forcefully abducted him and forcefully made him sit on his grandfather’s dead body. This article proves quite difficult to compose for the writer for how horrific the imagery is.

The photos are fake in the way that these shots were taken after the boy was mentally tortured and man-handled. Little Suhail says he shook his grandfather’s dead body but he did not wake up. Indian bastards did not even have their hearts shattered by the constant wailing and crying of Suhail. In photos, literally no cross-fire activity can be noted because during cross fire, photography with poses is not possible in the first place.

Criminal Silence Of International Peace Makers

The so called heroes of international peace do not seem to give a damn. Why would they? They are safe in their lavish palaces and bomb-proof buildings. Not a single international body has recognized this incident. Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi expressed deep anguish and anger on his forum against all the stake holders of peace. He ridiculed them for their criminal silence and how their no notice policy is enabling India to fall from all levels of basic decency. After the incident, Indian police was seen disrespecting the corpse by stepping on it.

Indian media continues to lie and always will. The slogans for “India Murdabad” in Bashir’s house continue to tell a different story and always will. May Allah punish the oppressors and destroy them entirely.

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