top 6 Sajal and Ahad moments from Yeh dil Mera

6 times from Yeh Dil Mera proved that Sajal and Ahad are meant for each other


Yeh Dil Mera– A hit Romantic thriller written by Farhat Ishtiaq starring Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir. It would not be wrong to say that the popularity of this drama is due to the on-screen chemistry of real-life couple Sajal and Ahad besides the fine storyline.



Ahad and Sajal’s love story is a long time from ‘Yakeen ka Safar’. Their chemistry as Dr. Asfi and Dr. Zubia grabbed the attention of people and they started looking forward to more of #Sahad Jodi’s work.

The favorite on-screen duo works in 3 projects together “Yakeen Ka Safar”, “Aangan” and “Yeh Dil Mera”. The couple’s chemistry has a separate fan-base.



Moreover, the couple left us drooling over their mystic chemistry in a TVC and a web series “Dhoop ki Deewar”. It is noteworthy that the couple shares strange chemistry whether it is a reel-life or real-life.



Although social media was swarming with Ahad and Sajal’s wedding pictures lately and the warm wishes of #Sahad Jodi fans.


Amaan-Aina Moments of YDM

Yeh Dil Mera is somehow about domination and revenge but with a Romantic Tarka of a married couple. Ahad and Sajal shares some on-screen moments from which anyone can guess that they are unquestionably meant for each other.

1. The Chemistry Indeed

Even in intense scenes when everyone sits on the edge of their chairs crying their hearts out, Sajal and Ahad managed to act real and natural. It looks so effortless on-screen but surely it amazes everyone and makes YDM special among all.



2. Lovey-Dovey Birds

Ahad and Sajal’s couple shares such majestic vibes maybe because they are in love in their real-life. The expressions, the intensity, and obviously the love, make the viewers root for them.


3. God These Eyes!

The way Sajal looks at Ahad is underrated. Whereas, It’s quite mysterious how Amaan’s puppy dog eyes turn into a vacant and haunted gaze within seconds.


4. A Fine Romance

It says that popularity comes with responsibility and here Ahad and Sajal managed to draw a fine line between vulgarity and romance.


5. The intensity tho

The audience can’t decide whether to enjoy the romantic little conversation between Amaan and Aina or dazzled over the expressions of the starring cast.

6. An Ideal Wife for sure

Amaan’s swift changes from a psycho to a lover boy leaves you in a very confusing situation. At a point his anger and dominance make you hate him but the next moment his guilt melts you. However, the way Aina treats him in his good and bad makes you fall for her. A Perfect Wifey!



Finally, YDM is about to end and directed to wrapping up all the suspense it keeps leaving for us from a couple of months. The fans of #Sahad are looking forward to the same magical intense work of the couple, together for sure.

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