11 Misconceptions About Pakistani Men Shown in Dramas

6 Misconceptions About Pakistani Men Shown in Dramas


Do the words rowdy, rambunctious, insensitive, irresponsible and emotionally dead remind you of something? Yes they do, especially if you are a fan of Pakistani dramas like us. Men in our culture rich dramas are portrayed as antagonists most of the times.

Men deprive women of their merry and rights in our dramas. The concept, undoubtedly and sadly has had been true in the culture we live in. But is everything about Pakistani men shown in dramas true?

Here are 6 misconceptions about Pakistani men shown in dramas:

1. Insensitive Behavior

We all have gotten used to seeing men being portrayed as extremely insensitive towards their parents, significant others and children. They just simply do not give a damn and remain self-centered throughout the serial.

But the contradicting disparity in facts is that men are actually extremely sensitive – to everything. Men being made of the same basic components as women and not of stone, care about everything that passes their way.

In actuality, men become expertly adept at minimizing how much they externally react to their environments, but the emotions are still there, being held tightly within.

11 Misconceptions About Pakistani Men Shown in Dramas

2. Aggressive by Nature

No drama can achieve the level of spice necessary to be a hit nowadays without displaying actions of aggression – displayed by men, of course.

True, men do break toys as kids and fight a lot. But they are mostly pacific beings who utterly dislike getting in fights and violence.

No sane brain would lose it on the most trivial of matters. And if he or she does, it’s a psychological problem and the gender is not to be blamed.

3. Disloyal to Their Life Partners

Men are actually more loyal than you can imagine. If a man is grown to be a “man”, he will never prove to be dishonest or malicious to his relationships.

Men in real life find the idea of cheating and being disloyal to their life partners oddly pathetic. No man in his friend circle can claim himself of cheating and not getting criticism from his mates.

The disloyal lose their importance during important conversations – and that is a fact.

11 Misconceptions About Pakistani Men Shown in Dramas

4. Men Have One Goal in Life – Women

The most widely spread facade about men is that men care about one and one thing only. That one thing being the women.

In real life, men are A LOT more than just looking out for the correct women for themselves. Career orientation and the importance that these guys give to their education is unparalleled throughout the world.

Men just love friends’ gatherings, social meetings, dining out, going to tours and getting involved in volunteer-activities.

5. Men Mean No Gossips

Women love indulging in gossip as shown in our dramas.

But let me tell you, gossiping is not gender specific.

Men can love gossiping as much as women do. They are equally good at spreading the information too.

You would actually have to sit back and wonder if “light” is the fastest form of energy. When men get together, no earthly power can stop them from gossiping, framing and scandalizing certain issues.

6. Men Do Things in Order To Prove Something to Others

Sounds familiar?

Men do things in order to prove something – but not to others – to themselves.

Not only that most worthy accomplishments are motivated by desire to prove something to others, but that a truly worthy accomplishment simply cannot be rooted in such desire. If men want to prove something to others they may end up doing a lot of impressive things, but their motivation would be too shallow to make them do anything really worthy in actual life.

These are the top 6 Misconceptions About Pakistani Men Shown in Dramas


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