5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud

5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud


Mahira Khan, being a gigantic hit in Lollywood and Bollywood, is an unknown to nobody. She’s an impressive asset for Pakistan from the media industry. Her charisma and talent has made sure to make her outshine all her competition. Pakistani drama industry caught a new direction after her portrayal of characters like Khirad Ehsan from “Humsafar”. Her characters stand up for what is just and right and is the zenith of the strength of a woman. Here are 5 times Mahira Khan made Pakistan proud:

1. Debut in Bollywood

Pakistan and India do not quite enjoy contention or cooperation in any field of life. Despite all that, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan was offered a role in the movie “Raees” beside The King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. All because of her sheer talent and commitment to her art. She is the one of extremely few from Pakistan who have rattled the Indian media industry and forced them to consider.

5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud

Shahrukh Khan himself could not refrain himself from complimenting her. He said, “What’s nice about her is that she is extremely unassuming. She is such a big star but she is very unassuming on the set and she is ready readily to adapt to the situation, which is very interesting. The bigger the star you are, the more nervous you get; I still get very nervous. I hide my nervousness with my flamboyance. But Mahira is really, really nice as an actor.”


2. Pakistan’s first brand ambassador for L’Oreal: 

Mahira Khan stormed in style on the final day of Pakistan’s Bridal Couture Week as she was announced the Brand Ambassador of L’Oreal Paris, the first one from Pakistan. “I am very honoured and very humbled that I am the first Pakistani brand ambassador for L’Oreal,” she added. All these achievements have become possible for her because of her work ethic, critics say. She is known for her swagger trance and a shy aspect to her interesting personality.

5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud


She takes real pride in promoting and owning her country.


3. International Recognition

In July, Mahira Khan attended the 8th Beirut International Awards Festival and was presented with two awards there. One for the Best Dressed for the awards night and another for International Recognition. The star looked simply ravishing in her wardrobe.

5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud

Pakistani celebrities have had a hard time seeking international attention. Mahira Khan yet again portrayed Pakistan with her dazzling charisma on the red carpet. The world witnessed the actress who Pakistanis have invested love in.


4. Teacher’s Global Awards

Mahira Khan has not only proven herself a good artist, but a good human being too. She attended the Teacher’s Global Awards Dubai in March 2019. She was kind enough to actually thank her teachers, who in her opinion, had made her capable of earning such success. Stardom not getting to the minds is somewhat unusual. The world saw a humble personality giving recognition to the ones who deserve.

5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud

She even called all the teachers the “true stars”. She represented Pakistan extremely well and told the world why she is worthy of all her success.


5. Promotion of Women Empowerment

Mahira Khan genuinely believes in the power of women. She has many a times mentioned its importance in her speeches at events. She believes in the education of women to make them a productive part of the society. She has emphasized on the role of women in the transformation of Pakistan. In the world full of critics, who blame Pakistan for not having a “voice” for women, Mahira Khan is unapologetically a slap to their faces.

5 Times Mahira Khan Made Pakistan Proud

Her striking and moving story of life continues to motivate and inspire women around the world.


These are the 5 times Mahira Khan made Pakistan proud. She continues to grow her achievements bank. Pakistanis will never get tired applauding her efforts for displaying the true image of Pakistan.


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