5 logics that prove Monday blues are a real thing


So weekend fun is over and its back to work day. Monday being the first working day of every week is the worst for most, but is there any scientific or logical evidence of the irritating feeling we call Monday Blues? Yes, there is. There can be much psychosomatic causes of feeling bad and lazy on Mondays other than the psychological burden of being back to the work routine.

  1. Disturbing the biological clock

Our bodies are designed to function and adjust according to our daily routines. When we wake up at 8 am and sleep by 11 pm our mind and body gets used to the routine and sends us wake up signals early in the morning and sleep signals at its time. However, as Friday night approaches, most of us resist the urge to sleep to binge watch Netflix or hang out with friends, consequently sleeping late the next morning. This disruption tunes our body’s biological clock to the weekend routine and that’s why it’s a fight getting up on Monday mornings. One thing here is for sure. We can ignore our body’s signals to sleep early for Netflix but can’t fight them to get up in the morning. So next time someone complains to you on having a bad mood on Monday, please show them this article.


  1. Eating up your energy reserves

It’s not that a short weekend trip isn’t worth it, but you can’t exhaust yourselves so much that Mondays have to be the energy restore days. Mostly people plan their weekend trips from Friday night to Sunday night which even eats up the energy they saved from procrastinating at work all week. So either take a half day on Friday or give yourself a little rest on the trip. No adventure can be worth a week of mood swings at work. Please be merciful to your colleagues.

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  1. Mental Saturation

For those who are working part-time on weekends or plan to fight with friends, please don’t burden yourself and in the latter case, please don’t ruin the weekend. The two-day off is for you to balance work and family life and messing up that either way is a warning for a bad Monday ahead.

  1. You have a High Blood pressure on Monday

Yes its true. Due to any of the above mentioned reasons, you are likely to have a high blood pressure on a Monday. That directly relates to all the shouting. Be light on yourself, it’s all scientifically proven.

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  1. You are more likely to die on a Monday

Have you ever heard of the meat-less Monday Campaigns? Those are planned to keep your cholesterol less than dying levels. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University conducted for year 2004-2012, ‘health-related’ queries on Google search engines made on Monday and Tuesday were 80% greater than Saturday. On top of that, a study suggests that your risks of having a heart attack are 11% higher on a MONDAY!

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