5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True

5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True


Reading Now: 5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True

Money Heist is one of the most popular crime-thriller of all time and has become an iconic Spanish production on the Netflix platform. Money Heist, through its 4 editions, has never failed to keep its fans on the edge of their seats, biting their nails in suspense and excitement. The emotional roller-coaster and exceptional cast that this show brings on the table have made it a worldwide success. The franchise unloads one major twist after another to keep things interesting – and this is the very reason that it has managed to keep its huge fan-base far away from monotonous content. The very first episode of this show had made it clear, that the producers are interested in giving the “heist theme” a sharp revamping.

The release of the 4th edition of Money Heist took the world by a storm. Even non-Netflix users were forced in the wave and ended up binge-watching the entire thing. However, like always, season 4 has left once again, people hanging on the cliff. The last episode of the 4th edition ended with a gun pointing to El Professor, the brain of the entire heist. Since then, fans have speculated different outcomes and have come up with some crazy fan theories.

So here are the 5 crazy Money Heist fan theories that can actually be true:

1. The Professor dies in season 5.

Living upto the traditions of the previous editions, there is no ambiguity in the fact that season 5 will most definitely involve an onslaught for a major blood-shed of some beloved character. Different factors have led some fans to believe that The Professor will most likely be killed as to complete his character arc.

Also, The Professor previously told that his father had died attempting a heist of his own. For the sake of poetic justice, the producers might want to lay off one of the most brilliant criminal minds of all time for a poignant moment. Guessing from the delicate situation The Professor was in the last time we saw him, this theory is hard to deny.

5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True

2. Berlin is actually alive.

You might go around calling this completely outrageous and baseless, but that is quite not the truth. Fans have pointed out certain details that point out towards Berlin being alive. Everybody as devastated when the franchise took one of the original masterminds away for good. However, a fan theory suggests that even though Berlin was seen to be shot in the chest multiple times by the police, it does not mean he cannot be wearing a bullet-proof vest.

In addition, Berlin could have been the biggest resource for the law enforcement agencies in getting a first hand knowledge of the heist. Would the police risk their most valuable capture to some metal bullets? Maybe, maybe not. Even if he was seriously injured, he could have been saved by the police itself for information.

5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True

3. Tokyo is the lone survivor from the heist.

This one might be the most depressing theory in this list. Many a times in the show Tokyo has been shown as the narration voice behind many scenes. Evolution of the present events has led some fans to theorize that it is quite possible that the entire franchise is just a memory show-reel being narrated by Tokyo herself to others. If this is the case, it means that no other gang member must have survived the heist and Tokyo could be left all alone – in police custody or free.

Also, if the first fan theory about The Professor’s death above is true, this situation becomes highly likely. In absence of the brilliance imparted by The Professor and grieving from his loss, the team might have not been able to perform the heist correctly and have failed. And that can lead to all the members dying literally in a massacre by the police, while leaving Tokyo just to be captured as an asset.

5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True

4. Arturo dies – finally.

The fan theory above was quite saddening, so we thought this might cheer you up. Most likely one of the most despised and hated character of the entire show is Arturo. With beloved Nairobi gone and the sneaky, lying Arturo still alive, this world truly seems unfair. We have seen in the past a couple of potential points where Arturo could have been killed, especially when Manilla shot him in his leg for assaulting Amanda. But he just does not die, does he? However, with people screaming for his death. it seems likely that some generous soul will rid us of him in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, if one studies the character arc of Arturo, it seems that he is one of those annoying characters in the movies that ultimately dies a very dishonorable and unimportant death. So the theory of Arturo’s death once and for all does not sound like it is not likely.

5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True

5. Alicia will join The Professor.

Last but definitely not the least, this theory has made quite some buzz around social media. Alicia has always been the face of the government confronting The Professor and attempting to make his efforts go in vain. But as it turns out, she might not be as happy working for the government as she looks. Fans have suggested certain chain of events that can lead to Alicia ultimately turning her back on the government and join forces with The Professor in his heist, including the government forcing her to take Rio’s case all by herself.

Probably the most famous rumor about her is the fact that she might very well be the wife of Berlin. She had told Raquel back in time that her husband had died of cancer, and fans think that she might have covered up the fact. Also, her link with Berlin can explain her before-hand knowledge of many things about the heist.

5 Crazy Money Heist Fan Theories That Can Actually Be True


These were the 5 crazy Money Heist fan theories that can actually be true. The pre-production phase for season 5 had been started but unfortunately, all activities have been halted because of the pandemic. But we surely do expect to seem some record breaking moments in the new upcoming editions of the show.


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