4 Ways Mere Pass Tum Ho is probably going to end


The immensely popular drama is coming to a close after first airing on 17th August 2019 on ARY Digital. It has gathered a large viewership that is eagerly waiting for the anticipated end. So, successful is the serial that the last episode is said to be played in the cinema. The air date of Mere Pass Tum ho last episode has been pushed further to 25th January and instead of one episode, the audience will get a double episode.

Even though the drama has a predictable plotline, the script is well-written thanks to Khalil ur Rehman. This coupled with excellent direction by Nadeem Baig had turned the serial into a phenomenal success. The star-studded cast further added to the popularity. Knowing Khalil ur Rehman we can safely assume that ending will not be pretty  Khalil ur Rehman himself said “I am not kidding I have been through severe pain while watching the last episode. Nadeem Baig has directed the last episode as I have written it.” He continued “I am saying all this just for men because women’s hearts are stronger than men. The people who will watch the episode will feel the same pain which was faced by the unlucky husband (Humayun Saeed).

Lets have a look at Mere Pass Tum Ho Final Episode trailer:

The trailer is very confusing and seems like things turning into Mehwish’s favour, but promos are always decieving. In the context of the ending of the show, here are four possible theories on how this immensely popular show will end.

1. In the death of the main character

Given that the writer’s previous works had the same arc and that Pakistani dramas often end on this note, this theory is highly likely to come true. But the question is which character will die? We think Mehwish will most likely die because this is what has happened in previous serials with similar plotlines. That said Humayun’s character can also die because in Pakistani dramas no one is immune to death. They will just casually throw in death when they feel something is missing. In case Hamayun Saeed dies, Mehwish will get the property and custody of Rumi but will be left with an empty heart.

2. Danish will marry Hania

This ending might be a happy one for some viewers. It will certainly be for Romi who has been trying to set them up for ages. The boy can then go on and become a successful matchmaker when he grows up.

3. Danish will reconcile with Mehwish

If this happens then it will certainly trigger some men and please feminists. People have been arguing on social media on whether Mehwish deserves to be forgiven or not and this ending would cause a storm on the social media, with one side celebrating their victory and the other criticising the show makers for ruining the show. It will certainly be a unique ending because an unfaithful woman is never before simply forgiven in the world of Pakistani dramas.

4. Danish will not marry anyone

Danish should lay off from any future marriages to anyone. After having been severely heartbroken he could take himself out of the marriage game. There are other important things in life than getting married or dying. He could focus on his child and his business for a change. This is will be the most non-desi ending to a Pakistani drama.

What is your take on the drama and how do you see it endin?

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