265 Indian Fake News Websites Discovered

India’s Srivastava Group operates 265 fake news websites worldwide


The EU Disinformation Task Force has uncovered over 265  self-proclaimed European and other news websites operated by India’s Srivastava Group to mislead the world about Indian atrocities of Human Right’s violations. ‘eptoday.com’ runs as the unofficial magazine of European Parliament in Brussels that had been re-publishing a large amount of news directly from Russia Today and Voice of America. The republished content unexpectedly favoured India over its on-going Kashmir violations and highlighted issues faced by minorities in Pakistan.

With further digging, researchers found over 265 fake local news sites named after different famous media outlets operating across 65 countries that were disseminating anti-Pakistan views and serving Indian government interests.

DisinfoLab’s analysis found out the Indian fake news websites were aimed to disinform the western population with a larger goal of influencing international institutions and elected representatives with a focus on certain demonstrations and issues in Pakistan.

The EU report on fake Indian news sites has highlighted many websites named after dysfunctional newspapers and those showing belonging to different cities across Europe.  Some of such website are Times of Brussels, Times of Geneva, Times of North Korea etc.

“We discovered timesofgeneva.com – an online “newspaper” that is “approaching 35 years in business”. Strangely enough, Times of Geneva publishes the same type of content as EP Today and produces videos covering events and demonstrations criticising Pakistan’s role in the Kashmir conflict.” Disinfo.eu

There might be hundreds of sponsored websites and others like these operated by India which are yet to be unveiled. This hideous attempt to spread propaganda worldwide and misinform masses is a classic Indian move to hide its Human Rights Violations in Kashmir, Nagaland and other states. Also, the sites aim to dim the news of Indian extrajudicial killings of Muslim minorities.

The hashtag #IndianPropogandaExposed is trending on Twitter flooding with tweets about this cheap move by India.

The twitter accounts of fake websites have also been suspended and a massive shut down of fake information websites has yet to come.

Indian propoganda fake news websites

The detailed EU report will launch later this month deciding further action against the Indian fake news websites worldwide. What should be the punishment for such massive level disinformation?

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