21 Memories only a 90's school kid will remember

21 Memories only a 90’s school kid will remember


Each generation of students will remember their school years in a distinct way. For us, that might mean friendship bands and crayons set but maybe for others, it’s different.

Today we compiled a list of School memories every 90’s kid can relate.

1 Multi-Purpose Pencil Box

Whoever had this Pencil box in school days was considered as one of the important personalities of this universe. This multi-purpose pencil box has so many functions. Even it has a timetable inside it. Now you will know the meaning of the Royalty!

21 Memories only a 90's school kid will remember

2 Excitement of Using Ink Pens

Waiting for your father to come home so you can go with him to the stationery store to buy Ink pens. Yes, your teacher told you to bring Ink pens from tomorrow and you are super excited to use the Ink Pen. I must say that excitement was real.

21 Memories only a 90's school kid will remember

3 The Friendship Bands

Friendship bands were the most exquisite way of showing your love towards your friends. We always wanted our friends would stay with us forever. Friendship bands come with some sorts of vows, and we stick to them until Colleges do us apart.


How to check your compatibility with your crush? The only solution in the ’90s was FLAMES. It’s a game that helps you find out about the feelings of your crush towards you.


5 The One Rich Friend

Only a few had the luxury of their own cars back then so we all loaded up in them. That one rich guy mostly belongs to the most senior class of the school and is known as the ‘Gunda’ of the school.

6 CD’s and DVD’s

All 90’s kids could relate the struggle of buying a CD or DVD from a shop because we are not allowed to go there. Most of us have our own collection of CD’s which we used to flaunt in front of cousins and friends.

7 Showing off Nokia 3310

Remember that kid from your class who owns a Nokia 3310 and we all used to play snake games on it. You consider yourself lucky if your turn comes before the break gets over.

8 Geometry Set

You buy a whole monochromatic geometry set when your teacher told you to bring only a compass. This exact monochromatic geometry set that everyone seemed to have. The scale with ABC written on it was the favorite thing. Remember calling ‘D’ because Protractor is a bit difficult to pronounce at that time.

9 Sitting With the Opposite Gender as a Punishment

Blushy cheeks! It happened when one of the kids from the class was forced to sit with the opposite gender as a punishment. All the kids after that specified punishment time used to tease him for the rest of the year. I can bet the new generation can’t understand that embarrassment.

10 Chapsticks- only makeup

Did you ever wonder how the senior girls of the school always have glossy lips? Yes, they use Chapsticks and lip balms to make them shiny. Chapstick was the only makeup for schoolgirls in the ’90s.

Bálsamo labial ChapStick Flava-Craze.

11 Multi-Colored Pen

Beautiful stationery was considered a luxury back then. Remember that pen with multiple shades. Oh! yes, you got me because we all tried to click all the shades at once in our life.

12 Slap Bracelets

These bracelets were also used as rulers in times of need. Together with hair scrunchies, these accessories were the best way to make a fashion statement in the 90s. Although wearing it might be lil painful but the pain is beauty, isn’t it?

13 Crayons Set

We all have a kid in our class who had that elegant and elite crayons set. That set was mostly a gift from his/her relative from abroad. We always wish to use that heavenly kit for once but that notorious kid never ever allows anybody to touch that kit.

14 Diaries with Locks

No No! Don’t touch this. This diary has all my secrets. I know many of you were laughing while reading this. It’s kinda fun to flaunt about the diary in front of class fellows. The most interesting part was hiding the key so no one can read your secrets.

15 Scrapbook not Facebook

90’s kids are blessed with the most valuable thing named Scrapbook. What books do not have any like button but it was full of comments and pictures. Last but not least it was a true example of sincere friendship and love.

16 Eid Cards

‘Dabay mein Dabba Dabbay mein Cake…Meri Saheli Lakhon mein Aik’. Remember the eid cards we used to give to our friends before every Eid. Even we categorized them accordingly, a Best friend will get the best and biggest card.

17 Birthday Celebrations

The only day when you gain the attention of everyone by wearing any fancy clothes of your choice. Yes, birthdays were fun back then. We need to distribute candies to everyone in the class and teachers won’t scold you because it’s the Birthday!

18 Computer Lab was Fun

The most amazing time of school was when the teacher brings us to the computer lab. The naughty boys from the class used to steal the rubber balls from the mouse just to annoy the teacher and fellow students.

19 Selecting Fonts- The most difficult task

The most difficult task we had to perform is to select the font because PowerPoint Presentation was our favorite topic in computer labs. But if you are working in a group, it can cause huge fights.

20 Noodles- the best lunch ever

Royal Lunch? Nah. Who needs anything else when he/she has a lunchbox full of noodles. you were considered the most popular in the class if you had a bag of this coveted snack. You would demand your mom would pack you some on the first day of school. How else will you make friends?

21 Balck Boards

It has been a while since we gazed at this view! No smart class can ever replace blackboard teaching for us! The new generation will never understand this.

It’s a pity that the new generation has missed out on so much of this. As for us, we know this time is never coming back but what we won’t give to go back to those benches where we once etched our names!

Share your school memories with us in the comments!

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