2020 Dubbed As The “Year Of Blue Economy” By PM Imran Khan


Now Reading: 2020 Dubbed As The “Year Of Blue Economy” By PM Imran Khan

After all the ravaging done to the economy by the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like some good news might finally be on the way as Prime Minister Imran Khan has dubbed the year 2020 as the “Year of Blue Economy”. This declaration was made whilst the PM highlighted the significance of any country’s blue economy and the importance of using its water resources smartly and effectively. The move is being made with an aim to focus on the maritime activities significantly in order to fulfill the country’s national development agenda.

While presiding over a high-level meeting on the country’s blue economy, PM Khan said that by promoting blue economy, more job opportunities would be created in the country. Not only that, but the country’s tourism sector will get a major boost and serve to bring investment in the country, along with creating sources of renewable energy. He also lamented the fact that despite that Pakistan has immense potential in the field, previous governments paid no mind to this side of things which has held back the country’s economy massively.


Ministry For Maritime Affairs’ Contribution In The Sector

Minister for Maritime Affairs – Syed Ali Haider Zaidi – also gave a detailed briefing to the meeting on various initiatives the ministry has taken for the cause. Furthermore, he informed the attendees about the problems and difficulties that were overtaken to take these initiatives in the last 22 months. The meeting was also informed by the Ministry about its future plans, especially for the timely completion of projects related to the strategically significant Gwadar Port.

Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated the efforts of the Maritime Affairs’ Minister in executing policies that have attracted significant investment in the maritime sector. He also directed to ensure timely completion of projects related to the Gwadar port and declared it the “guarantor of future development and prosperity”.

Implementation Of A Roadmap For The Development Of The Country’s Blue Economy

Chairing the review meeting on the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, PM Imran also revealed that the government of Pakistan is formulating a strategic roadmap, the implementation of which will serve to make ample developments in the sector. Consequently, this sector will give a big push to the country’s national development. “The maritime sector of Pakistan has enormous potential and its development is intrinsically linked to the development of Pakistan”, said PM Khan.

Utilization of all the country’s resources to bring the country’s economy up to speed has been a long term goal of the PTI government. The decisions in the maritime sector made by the government to fulfill these goals were noted by Director of the Institute of Policy Studies Khalid Rahman, who said;

“An effective national compliance mechanism and exploration of potential maritime sectors through regional and international partners can lead Pakistan to a process of significant growth.”

The expert also warned the government of the various difficulties that they might face in order to implement their vision of the sector’s development.


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