19 most relatable Lock-down memes of all time


A good laughter can cure any pain. We Pakistani take it so seriously and now we are on our way to cope up with Coronavirus quarantine time with memes.

No matter how much a situation could be critical it could not affect the spirits of the people. As we all know coronavirus is becoming a pandemic but the social media users still busy laughing off all the fears and coming up with innovative ideas through their memes and videos.


1.Pakistani Brave boys

Pakistan is full of such brave boys who by default programmed to take risks just for the sake of fun.

2. When the mommy force you wash your hands all day long

Brown Moms are somehow so overprotective about their kids. In quarantine time moms are making sure that everyone washes their hands right after 20 seconds. I guess!



3. Sibling Fights

Quarantine time is unbearable when you have a sibling of the opposite nature.

4. Internet -Real survival

The Internet is a blessing when you are in self-isolation mode. But poor those whose Data package is near to end and they can’t go out because of lockdown. Best of Luck!

5. Online Classes

Pakistani students are already so lazy about getting up early but HEC announces for online classes which makes every student wretched.


6. Girls are learning New Skills

Many girls were busy with ‘Safai’ and other house chores but some of them decide to learn some new skills.

7. Time for boys to clear their concepts

“Dhania nahi Podina lana ta”. I can bet all the Pakistani boys can literally hear this eco in their minds. Undoubtedly, Quarantine time is the best time to clear your concepts about ‘Dhania’ and ‘Podina’.

8. Brown Parents and their unpredictable moods

Brown parents start behaving weirdly in quarantine time. Their behavior seems so unpredictable, for once they are like “G Beta G, what are your future plans?” and the next moment they started calling you “Nikama”.


9. Hungry all the time

Due to lockdown, you are barely left with any activities and all you have to do is “Eat Eat and Eat”.


10. When bae is not coming slow

Even in Lockdown, some of the girls keep torturing their Babu Shona saying “Meray Rishtay aa rahay hain”  and boys are shocked. Even Aliens are shocked on Mars.


11. Killing Time

Days of lockdown lead us to do useless things to kill our time like counting buttons, holes in Sockets and even comparing the two minutes of Oven with two minutes of Clock.

12. Time to know about Hidden Talents

Many of us decide to find out our hidden talents in quarantine time. Just a way to kill time productively.

12. Aashiqui Season is still on

When everyone is worried that the world is going to end but Pakistani Ashiqs give a damn to the world.



13. Some fun ways to explain serious situations

No matter how serious the situation is, we Paksitani always find a way to make it funny.



14. Stick to routines

Quarantine is spoiling many of us, but some people out there still manage to stick to their daily routines.

15. Single Londay

Pakistani single Londay mostly spends their time outside of Girl’s Schools Colleges and Universities etc. Lockdown and quarantine are their real enemies now and boys are almost mad staying at home.

17. Thanks to Social media and MEMES

We are so thankful to all the social media sites for sharing such memes in this crucial time and a big thanks to none other than NETFLIX for making this time bearable.


18. The wife turns into a Monster

There comes a time when the wife is tired of all the extra chores she has to do because everyone is at home making a mess all the time.

Posted by The Janglee Movement on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

19. Work from home

How do I address the misfortune of these people who are still working from home?


Last but not the least, A Huge Thanks to ALTAF BHAI. He is a real visionary human being.


If all these memes make you smile in this lockdown time and you have more to share. Lets us know in the comments box!

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