16 Year Old Juice Seller Huzaifa Topped In Matric Exams

16 Year Old Juice Seller Huzaifa Topped In Matric Exams


Currently Reading: 16 Year Old Juice Seller Huzaifa Topped In Matric Exams

Every now and then, we come across a story that aspires and motivates us while giving us the realization for how to bestowed we are with blessings. Huzaifa from Multan is a similar story in his personality. This 16 year old financially meager bread bearer of 5 sisters and a mother has proven that achievement and hard work are not bounded by the human value of wealth and status. Huzaifa is unfortunately, an orphan but this 16 year old juice seller Huzaifa topped in Matric exams of Multan Board in 2019. This brilliant brain from the Ghala Mandi area of Multan scored an astounding 1050 out of 1100, a figure many blessed people dream of.

Story Of Glory

He is the only bread earner for his poor family of 7 including himself and is forced to work as a fruit juice seller to feed his family and fulfill their needs. According to details, he had been offered a handsome scholarship at a private college, but he could not quit his job as his entire family is dependent on him and they have huge expectations from him. Keeping in mind the boy’s caliber and talent, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal stepped into the game and has decided to support his family and his education. A great news indeed.

16 Year Old Juice Seller Huzaifa Topped In Matric Exams

This critical monetary aid will allow Huzaifa to pursue his education without having to worry about his family. Managing Director of Bait-ul-Mal, Aon Abbas Buppi stated that the welfare trust reached out to the boy and his family after the news went viral on social media. Huzaifa is just a small reflection for many kids in Pakistan with outstanding brains and sheer talent, limited by financial gains and worldly parameters.

A Grave Reality

In Pakistani, majority of the kids at this young age who suffer from poverty and hopelessness get involved in criminal and malicious activities which are harmful for them and the society. However, many kids are prove to be like Huzaifa, who become a juice seller or opt any other proffesion to support their family and education, and in this case becoming a matric topper.

Huzaifa’s humble and thankful smile and glow of his eyes are a proof that he that will open doors to his real foresight and success himself. We wish Huzaifa best of luck for his future and his higher education. Pakistan hopes that he keeps working hard and makes the country and his family prouder.

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