15-Year-Old Pakistani Kid Creates an Unbelievable Chat App — A Scam or Legit?


Now Reading: 15-Year-Old Pakistani Kid Creates an Unbelievable Chat App — A Scam or Legit?

Recently, it came to light that a locally developed Chat App – FF Meeting – was created by a young Pakistani boy and it is being pushed as something that he developed all by his lonesome. Not only that, but the kid makes the claim that his “Made in Pakistan Chat App” is superior to Whatsapp and has more features than any other chat app in the world.

The chat app in question is gaining popularity in Pakistan, thanks to Syed Zafar Abbas of the JDC Foundation (Karachi), who supported the guy and the FF Meeting app in a video that Zafar shared on Facebook. The story has since been picked up by every other digital publisher.

Some features of said app:  it allows you to have encrypted chats and calls with your loved ones. Aside from this, you can send the same message to 500,000 people concurrently. Users can also send videos and files up to 5 gigabytes without the quality being compromised.

Not only this, but the number of people you can create a group with is as big as 200,000 people. The app also has a feature known as “secret chat”. This allows users to have a chat with anyone which disappears automatically after 5 to 10 minutes.

A Scam

The FF meeting is a scam, as fascinating as it may sound. Sorry for being so blunt, rude, and direct about the young kid, but the truth is what it is. While we applaud the young man for devoting his time and effort to bringing the Chat App to life, he did not create it. Even a cursory examination of the software shows that it is a re-skinned clone of Telegram, with its APIs available for users to download.

Not just that, but the skin is still used by another service called “Appsgeyser,” which allows anybody to build a chat app without coding in a short amount of time. Both authentication SMS and emails that users can receive from “FF Meeting” or other related wrapper chat apps are also done by Telegram. As you would imagine, all of Telegram’s features are mirrored in third-party wrapper applications like “FF Meeting.”

For instance, a password reset email, requested on FF Meeting, is sent by Telegram;

Chat App

A Few Words About the Boy

I’m very fascinated by the kid, who must have put in a lot of time and effort to create the skin. He has excellent abilities and the ability to do great things in his life. But, alas, he is not well advised. He’s just a baby, so I won’t hold it against him if he lies. But he’s unlucky in that he didn’t have a friend who should have stopped him from lying and begged him not to take credit for something he didn’t develop or make.

While we commiserate with the young boy and hope that he will do even more, the fact that he developed FF Meeting in three years (which could take no more than a few hours, if not minutes) and claimed it as his own is not only deceptive, but also frustrating. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope and pray for the child to do great things in his life that are genuine and his own.

A Privacy Nightmare

Don’t download the app; it’s going to be a nightmare for your privacy. Though Telegram may seem to be extremely secure and easy to use, keep in mind that FF Meeting is a wrapper app, which ensures all of your data (contacts, messages, and so on) is filtered via a third party rather than Telegram.

Chat App

By the way, this isn’t all about FF Meeting; appsgeyser is still a party, and while the kid won’t consume your personal information, appsgeyser has every excuse to do so. If you’re curious, these are the data points that the FF Meeting will have access to:

  • Your entire list of contacts
  • Your files
  • Device ID’s
  • IMEI
  • Serial numbers
  • MAC address
  • And much more

Having said that, FF Meeting is strongly discouraged. Instead of using the wrapper programme, use Telegram directly if you want.

Are There Any Alternate Pakistani Chat Apps to Use?

It is undoubtedly extremely hard and highly expensive to develop a chat app as intricate as Whatsapp and while there are no apps that can match its level, there are at least two locally developed Chat apps that are legitimately “Made in Pakistan”.

  • ZapBuddy
  • TelloTalk

You won’t go wrong with using either of the two.


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