13 Hysterical & Incredible Facts about Best friends


A best friend is a creature, who always stands by you but can’t stand without insulting you, Watch scary movies with you, sits with you in the car even though his heart was about to fail due to your marvelous driving and spend valentine nights with you just because you are single.

Here are some fun facts we’ve compiled in the honor of the best friend.


  1. Weird conversation

You always have weird conversations with your BFF and wonder if someone hears this they will put you in a mental hospital. Your BFF is always your 2 a.m. partner. You both call others by their secret names and no other can comprehend what you are talking about?



  1. Know your Wi-Fi passwords

There is nothing you can hide from your best friend. He knows all whether it’s your mobile password or Wi-Fi password. You can say he is a little wizard of your life.



  1. Your parents trust them more

You might be shocked to hear this but the fact is your parents trust your bestie more. If they ask for permission for a night out, your parents barely say ‘No’. Cheers to all the besties who can make ‘Masoom Shakal’ in front of your parents.



  1. They’ll make themselves at home in your place

Did you see that your bestie ever rang a doorbell? No! He directly enters your house and sits in a lounge with your family. Even though your Mom makes ‘Alu parathas’ for him.



  1. Borrow anything from wardrobe

Your bestie has all the privileges to just open your wardrobe and borrow whatever they want. Your wardrobe is a shopping mall for them.No matter what you have to be their stylist at this time.



  1. You always got their back

Friends are the best emotional support, whether you fail in a test or having a breakup. They are always there for you. They cheer you up and ready to murder the one who hurts you.



  1. Best crime partners

Yes! You heard right. Your best friend is your real crime partner. You both act like rebellious teenagers when you are together. Your bestie can be your parents when it’s time for parent-teacher meetings and helps you in bunking classes and office as well.



  1. To help you is their obligation- no debates on this

Helping you is an obligatory thing for your bestie. No matter what type of thing you are stuck in. It is a moral duty of your bestie to be right there for you. Although first, they shower ‘Gaaliyan’ on you and then say “Tu tension na le kartay hain kuch”



  1. They never judge you

Bestie is the one who listens to all your bullshit and nonsense but never judges you. He never tries to close the doors of imagination and creativity on you. You can even talk to him about galaxies, Worms, and Hogwarts; he will be there to listen and to add more “Chatkhara” to your imagination.




  1. They know way too much

You can’t keep secrets from your BFF. They know way too much about you. You even can’t lie to them. The worst part is, it almost seems impossible when it’s time to plan a surprise party for your bestie because he knows your daily routines and your hideouts too.



  1. Those eye contacts

You both have a special connection. You can talk to each other just by looking at each other.



  1. You form two halves of a perfect idiot

Even science proves that friends tend to have similar genetic makeup. No wonder why the most idiotic stuff clicks to you guys at the time.



  1. It is hard to share your best friend

When you spend a long time of your life with your best friend then it seems almost impossible to share them. You feel a little empty when your BFF gets married. Most probably you feel like the Ranbir Kapoor of ‘Channa meriya”



If you have anything more interesting in your best friend. Share with us in the comment section!

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