12 tips to turn your long-distance relationship in a fun ride


Long-distance relationships always come with their own types of problems but if you believe in love, you will make it work eventually.

We all know that it’s going to be hard because of the distance, things could get complicated. To keep your relationship works here are some tips to make it happening and alive.


1. Video calls- A blessing indeed

If your partner is far away from you, the best way to keep them engage with you is through a video call. Whether you use Facetime/IMO/Skype, just let your partner know how much you miss them. Introduce your partner with your friends and family so they feel more comfortable and loved.


2. Surprise them with presents

Surprise your love by sending them presents randomly. No need to wait for a birthday or anniversary. You like something in a market or online, just buy it and send it to your significant other’s address. That will make them feel lucky. I can bet!


3. Do little things for your partner

Do little cute and romantic things to just spark up your love life. Buy mugs with your partner name on it, Frame his/her photo and hang near your bed, wear his fav color or do future planning with him about how you spend your time and how you decorate your house. All these cheesy things actually work and develop chemistry between you.


4. Good morning and good night texts

Some of you might say, sending morning and night texts are teenage things. Maybe it is, but in long-distance relationships, it always works. It gives the feeling to your partner that they are on your mind all day long. A MUST TRY TIP.


5. Share good/bad news with them first

Whenever you have any good/bad news, you wanted someone to tell. Don’t you think it is beneficial if you tell your partner first? In this way, your love will get to know about what makes you happy and what bothers you?


6. Inform them about your daily routines

Most couples have argued on minor things like “Call kiyun nahi pick ki?” and “Reply kiyun nahi dia?”. All this happened when you don’t know about your partner’s routine. It is better to know your partner’s routine and contacts them accordingly.


7. Send Voicenotes at random times of the day

Even you know your partner routine, send them a voice note/text anyway but without the expectation of a reply. You know your partner is in office, send them I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU  messages.


8. Watch Netflix together

There are a lot of reasons for your long-distance relationship, which doesn’t allow you to stay together. No need to worry Netflix is the solution to how you both have fun together. Google also helped a lot with their Netflix Party extension. So, what are you waiting for Folks? Go ahead have fun with Netflix and popcorns.


9. Remember all the events even you are apart

There are many ways to show love but to remember each and every little detail about your partner is precious. Cherish your partner by memorizing the dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Send warm wishes with gifts or the best way to surprise them with a dinner date.


10. Matching dresses

On events, when every couple is busy taking photos you are sitting on a couch looking at them sadly. But Where there’s a will there’s a way. You can buy matching dresses, take photos and make a collage of you two later.


11. “Meray Babu ne Khana Khaya?”

Take care of your partner by asking him “Khana Khaya?” and other little things. In this way you make your partner feel that you really care about him. Especially when he/she is sick, reminds them to take medications and what to have in lunch and dinner when they are sick.



12. Support them when they are homesick

Homesickness is inevitable if your partner is away from you and their family as well.Tryna comforts them when they seem sad. Better to divert their mind!



Seeing your partner far away from you is the worse feeling but you can pass this time by following the above tips.

Have any other tips to add? Let us know in the comment section!



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