11 Pakistani Hindus were killed by RAW for not spying against Pakistan

11 Pakistani Hindus killed by RAW for not spying on Pakistan


11 Pakistani Hindus were killed by RAW for not spying against Pakistan. Last month, the Shahdadpur police have registered a criminal case holding spy agency RAW responsible for the killings.

The FIR was registered on the complaint of Mukhi. Her father, mother, and other family members were killed in the tragic incident.

A Bheel woman has appealed to the Pakistan government to investigate the mysterious death of her 11 family members in Jodhpur, India.

11 Pakistani Hindus were killed by RAW for not spying against Pakistan

The relatives of the victims have also called on international human rights organizations, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and the international community to ensure a fair investigation into the tragedy and the delivery of justice.

What did the FIR say?

The complainant Shrimati Mukhi registers the FIR 219/2020 on August 9, 2020. According to the details of the FIR, 11 of her family members were poisoned to death by the RAW.

Moreover, the woman blamed that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) had killed her family. Including her father Budha Ram, 80, Raivya, 35, Shamoon, 25, Antari, 75, Shrimati Lakshmi, 39, Shrimati Devi, 28. Along with their children Mukadas, 16, Zain, 12, Dayal, 12, Danish, 10, and Diya 5. Through RSS goons when the agency failed to persuade them to spy on Pakistan.

Besides this, Mukhi revealed that when her father decided to secretly return to Pakistan with his family to expose the RAW. Right after that, they killed the entire family.

The family went to India to perform religious rituals

Upon asking, Mukhi told that her family went to India in 2012 to perform the religious rituals. Subsequently, the RAW trapped them and provided them with a residence in Jodhpur. Afterward, the RAW has given them various favors for making anti-Pakistan statements.

As per details, Mukhi claimed that sources have affirmed that RAW wanted to use her father as a spy against Pakistan. However, they failed to convince her father.

The only surviving member was Kewal Ram, 37, who is in the custody of the Indian police on murder charges.

She stated that the Indian police had described the death of her family members as suicide. Therefore, the RSS goons and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activists were giving life threats to her relatives in India in a bid to stop them from leaking anything to the media.
Mukhi also revealed that she and her husband also received such threats in Pakistan.

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