11 inevitable sibling fights you have gone through growing up


The siblings’ relationship is full of fun and fights. Mostly fight starts from who uses the bathroom first and ends with Aj bartan kon dhoye ga? In Pakistan, almost 90% of children grow up with one or more brothers or sisters and they teach us how to deal with the crap in life very early in life.

Here are the 13 must-have sibling fights you have definitely experienced at some stage of life:

1. The mandatory Remote war

The remote war is the most common war among siblings and greater than WORLD WAR III. It seems so unfair when your elder sister gets to watch her drama over yours or worse bhai needs to see a test match. One TV and so many opinions definitely calls for a fight.


2. Mama Baba love me more

This is a bit tragic but often observed that boys are more loved by mothers and girls are more loved by fathers. It a natural thing and we can’t blame parents for that. So when one of them gets any privileges over other then this teasing line is first to get fired.


3. Do what I say or your secrets are going to Dad

Siblings are the best crime partners and the worst secret keepers when it comes to fetching them order late at night or turning off the room light or giving them a seat near heater. Pro tip: Elder sisters and brothers are the worst people to tell random secrets too.

4. I will go to the bathroom first

Pakistani siblings started fighting over bathroom use at very early in the morning, which obviously annoys Ami the most and sometimes you are granted with Izzat Afzai. Here is how it goes down, no one is willing to get up a little early and everyone wants a peaceful time in bathroom which isn’t possible on college days.


5. Tujhay to kachray se utha k laye te

Youngest in the family have heard and lived this moment many times in their lives. The signature line is a tease tactic that runs in our blood for centuries and is not likely to go away soon. 


6. Calling each other by names

If you are lucky enough to have 2 or 3 siblings you sure have some really unspeakable weird pet names you are so used to. The real power about these nicknames¬† is unleashed when you are blackmailed to bring water for mom else your friends will know you are being called ‘Munna’ in the house


7. Odd works at odd hours

This is something beautiful and annoying at the same time. We call it the sibling barter system. Sisters do ironing, opening the gate for bhai late at night, clean brother’s room and do his assignments and in return, brothers will bring Notes for sister from her friend’s house, take her for shopping, go to the market to get the dupatta peeko done.


8. Who will use the computer first?

Now, this fight on a computer is fading with time but 90’s kids definitely know the pain of doing turns on computer. Timings were fixed and no tolerance policy is implemented on overtime.


9. Meray Kapray kiyun pehnay?

Okay, this one is so legit. We all are guilty of wearing our sister’s clothes and brothers’ hoodies shamelessly. Especially when it’s getting late for university/office, the best options are always sisters’ shawl or brothers’ loose sweaters.


10. Late-night cravings

Late-night cravings are the most devious thing it can turn enemies into friends. Pakistani siblings have a scheme of ‘Paisay ikhatay karo kuch mangwatay hain’¬† and we all become friends with our annoying siblings. Saying no to Tinday Alu together forever.



11. Kab ho gi iski shadi?

We are always waiting to kick our siblings out with a dream to get them married off far away so we can have all the love and control, but when the time comes it gets the most difficult. So till it lasts, we suggest to tease your sisters and subdue them into making pakoras for you.

At the end of the day, no matter how much we fight, we can do anything for our siblings. What points can you relate to the most?



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