10 things you don't want to know if you are a Mcdonald's lover

10 things you don’t want to know if you are a Mcdonald’s Lover


10. Queen Elizabeth owns a McDonald’s

Elizabeth II,the queen of England also owns an outlet of McDonald’s.. She says that it’s so delicious that she couldn’t stop herself from taking an outlet.

Queen Elizabeth

9. McDonald’s salad is more fattier than its burgers

Usually people eat salad to control their weight, but the salads made by McDonald’s are proved to be more fattier than the burgers. You should eat a Mac instead of a salad if you want to loose weight.

McDonald's Salad

8. Mcdonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the World

Since McDonald’s started its happy meal in 1879 and on wards it has became the largest toy distributor. It has crossed a number of toy retailers and came on the top of the list. Only the annual sles of happy meals cross the overall sales of Burger King.McDonald's Happy Meal

7. A new Mcdonald’s branch opens every 4 hours

McDonald’s is very popular. We cannot overemphasize the success of this franchise in terms of wealth and scale. It has approximately 36,900 stores worldwide. Every four hours or so, a new McDonald’s restaurant is located somewhere in the world. Even statisticians are surprised by the incredible business of McDonald’s. Don’t be too surprised, the giant restaurant sells more than 75 hamburgers in a second, supplying about 9 million pounds of fries a day, and has sold more than 4 billion fries since 1948. In addition, it sells more than 1 billion cups of coffee per year in the United States, selling 500 million cups a day. No wonder the new McDonald’s is everywhere.McDonald's

6. McDonald’s has hired every 1 in 8 Americans

McDonald’s has 1.9 million workers on all of its branches which is even more than the total amount of people of Latvia and Luxembourg. The company has become the fourth largest employer in the world, especially since the entire workforce itself can build a country. Moreover, McDonald’s hire 1 million employees in the United States annually. When you walk down the street, you know that one in eight Americans is currently a former McDonald’s worker. McDonald's Workers

5. McDonald’s is as addictive as cocaine

This fact is very real. Studies have shown that McDonald’s products are addictive to cocaine. It is closely related to the amount of sugar in the food and its dependence. Almost all McDonald’s menus contain sugar; for example, fruit smoothies contain more sugar than cola. Sugar and carbohydrates illuminate the same part of the brain as cocaine. In addition, when you consume high-calorie food at McDonald’s, the brain’s “happy center” is overloaded like cocaine. Once happiness is at the center of shock, the brain will need more junk food. Honestly, if you go to McDonald’s often, it’s not because you like to eat food, but because you are really addicted.Mac Burger

4. McDonald’s add 14 ingredients in fries

The world famous fries by McDonald’s are due to the number of  special ingredients used in it. The potatoes used for the making of fries are gone through different processes. People love the fries that is the reason McDonald’s is the 90th largest economy in the world.McDonald's Fries

3. McDonald’s has no sales record of its burgers since 90’s

One of the ways McDonald’s has announced its success over the years has been the small posters that hang in its restaurants, which proudly announce the number of customers worldwide. Over the years, these signs have increased from 1 million to 1 billion or even 99 billion, which has caused McDonald’s to stop following it because the panels they install are not that high. As a result, all stores have been simply labeled “billions and billions of services” since 1994, because McDonald’s believes it’s easier than installing a new logo in every restaurant every two years. But maybe they eventually reached the $1 billion mark and we may have new worrying signs.

McDonald's Burger

2. McDonald’s food does not go bad

McDonald’s food hasn’t gone bad. It’s a common fact that McDonald’s hamburgers have many examples that are enough to remember the first season of the fresh Prince Bearer, which always seems perfectly acceptable. It seems that this is not disturbing. When McDonald’s food is left outdoors, even insects and flies will not try to eat it. It says a lot about the least known creatures that gather on a pile of horse dung that doesn’t touch food. McDonald’s has always believed that hamburgers are very valuable because they contain very little water. Although this is correct, McDonald’s has explained why their food contains so little water. Fortunately, scientists who don’t wear gold bows on lab coats have a simple answer. McDonald’s food is rich in fat, sugar and salt, and under normal circumstances they are immune to the effects of corruption. This means that under good conditions, McDonald’s food can survive, but people who are still edible.Mac Burger

1. McDonald’s has it own University

McDonald’s has its own university called the University of Hamburg. Founded in 1961, it has eight campuses worldwide including Tokyo, London, Sydney and Shanghai. You might think that the typical plan includes how to fry French fries and return to the hamburger course. It’s as fun and fun as possible, but in fact you are wrong. The program focuses on leadership development and management. There are approximately 16 full-time university professors on each campus, and the courses can be taught in 28 different languages. This university is not a joke! McDonald’s Hamburg University is difficult to be admitted. The selection rate of the Shanghai campus is only 1%. To date, more than 80,000 students from all over the world have earned a degree in Hamburg.

Hamburger University

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