10 types of Pakistani Rozaydaar we all know in Ramzan


Ramzan is a month of blessing and a gift of GOD. Ramzan in Pakistan brings us some interesting traits of people, which they don’t reveal the rest of the year.



Let’s have a look at the type of people we surely encounter in Pakistan during the month of Ramzan.

1 All-time Bhookar

You wake up with a sound of “Mujhay Bhook Lag Rahi hai” and maybe “Kitna time reh gea hai?”. Exactly, the all-time bhookars, who keep fast but can’t stay hangry for long. However, they can tell you how much time is left in minutes and even in seconds.


2 The Sleeping Beauty

The one who sleeps after Aftar and wake up 5 minutes before ‘Aftar’. The Real Na-Frman Olad of the year award goes to them by the most respected Ami and Abu.


3 The Angry Bird

We are still researching on it that why these sweet people turn into angry birds in Ramzan, precisely between Sehar to Aftar. They get angry at every single thing and make a fuss all around the place. We all kinda hate that mode.


4 Water lovers

It would be not wrong if I say “My Type of People”. Water lovers keep a count of how much glasses I need to drink from Aftaar to Sehar. Yes, we are the ones who never get dehydrated, and Voila! The perfect Skin at Eid makes us enchanting indeed.


5 Lazy-Bees

The best bahana you ever heard in Ramzan is “I can’t do this I am fasting”. What? Really? We all are fasting but the lazy bees are some superficial human who can sit in one place for hours doing nothing but scrolling Instagram and Facebook. Even Parents stop expecting anything from such kids.


5 The Ultimate Khojay Maar

You have no energy due to Roza and about to collapse but you saw one of your siblings coming out from kitchen eating and drinking like an Elephant. Also, they don’t feel any kind of shame but to present you with a list of excuses.



6 The Ramzan police

We all have a person in our lives who act as police amid Ramzan. He won’t let you listen to songs, no more movies, and won’t let you miss prayers. These people lie in the category of Seasonal Muslims because after Aftaari they act totally opposite. Surprising na?



7 Netflix fasters

There fast goes smooth because Netflix has loads of stuff to watch and it can keep you busy for hours and hours. These fasters take short breaks for prayers and settle back to their place. Parents consider such kids as a harmless creature.


8 I Wanna lose weight

When at the time of Sehar and Aftar everyone busy eating, there is a person on a table who was busy counting his/her calories per day. The weight-losers for sure. They set resolutions to lose weight in Ramzan and stick to their plan. I wonder how someone can control their emotions in front of food. Incredible!



9 The shopaholic

I must say Pakistani women got this honor. The super-women went shopping with Roza, do the bargaining, visit almost 500 shops per day, and went back with a scarf they don’t even need. Even the hot weather and fasting can’t stop these ladies. BTW, they slay at Eid!


10 Pakkay Rozay Dar

Last but not the least, the majority of people are Pakkay Rozaydar. They spend the Ramzan as per commands of Allah (SWT). They follow all the rites which should be performed in Ramzan. An exemplary Muslim indeed!


Stay Strong Folks! This pandemic shall too pass.



What type of Rozaydaar are you? Let us know in the comment section!

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