This $1.5 Billion Investment Will Change The Face Of Islamabad

This $1.5 Billion Investment Will Change The Face Of Islamabad


Currently Reading: This $1.5 Billion Investment Will Change The Face Of Islamabad

China Pakistan Investment Corporation (CPIC) is a multi-billion dollar real estate firm based in London, England. It announces its pride in investing heavily in Pakistan on behalf of overseas Pakistanis. Just recently, CPIC has invested a whopping $1.5 Billion in Islamabad, Pakistan. With this prodigal achievement, they have acquired 27 million sq. ft. of land in the federal capital. The development plan of this company is surreal. Engineers and regional planners from all around the world are a part of this firm and render their services in all its projects. It is safe to say that this $1.5 Billion investment will change the face of Islamabad, in a magnificent exhibition of marvels of infrastructure.

Luxury Brand – Diyar Homes

According to reports, CPIC has acquired this massive piece of land in Islamabad under its embargo of its extremely successful and worthy luxury brand, Diyar Homes. As per details shared by the representatives, Diyar Homes will construct luxury villas, farm houses, golf courses, shopping complexes, cinemas, apartments, five star hotels and the list goes on. This company is on a mission to redefine the architectural taste in Pakistan by concocting a unique blend of the Western and Eastern definitions of infrastructural modernity.

This mega-project is expected to take about 10 years keeping in mind potential delays due to logistical difficulties. However, the company finds this project a great opportunity to cement its existence in Pakistan’s real estate market and set the bar high.

This $1.5 Billion Investment Will Change The Face Of Islamabad

Citizens of Islamabad are appreciating this endeavor as most of it will not require deforestation.

3 Years Worth Of Land

It took CPIC three whole years to buy and acquire this amount of land to the fullest capacity. An official from CPIC said that they had an extreme 72 point criteria ranging from accessibility, infrastructure, utilities, and natural landscape to ownership status, which made it exponentially difficult to acquire the type of land they were looking for whilst staying within the ethos of pioneering trust, transparency, and sincerity to Pakistan’s real estate market.

It seems like the international industries are slowly starting to realize Pakistani real estate’s potential. And that is some healthy news.

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